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True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort epitomises the quintessential Caribbean charm, seamlessly blending the warmth of a family-run establishment with the amenities of a grand hotel. Nestled on the picturesque south coast bay, this resort offers holidaymakers an inviting atmosphere brimming with authentic local touches and heartfelt hospitality. The Fielden family’s dedication is evident in every corner, from the thoughtfully designed accommodations to the delightful amenities such as a kids’ playground, rum and chocolate tastings, and complimentary use of Hobie cats, ocean kayaks, and yoga classes. Guests can indulge in the serene environment with access to four exquisite pools, a rejuvenating spa, and a boutique teeming with unique finds. The resort’s Dodgy Dock Restaurant and Lounge Bar serves up delectable dishes around the clock, ensuring that culinary delights are never far away. To make the stay even more memorable, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort also provides a convenient shuttle service to the stunning Grand Anse and BBC beaches. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, this enchanting resort offers a slice of paradise for everyone.

Holidays to True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

Nestled on the sun-kissed south coast bay of Grenada, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort offers an unparalleled retreat that seamlessly blends Caribbean charm with modern comforts. This family-run gem stands out as a haven for holidaymakers seeking authenticity and personalised attention, far removed from the impersonal atmosphere of larger hotels. The Fielden family’s touch is evident throughout the resort, from the exquisite local details such as rum and chocolate tasting, to the plethora of complimentary activities including Hobie cats, ocean kayaks, and rejuvenating yoga classes. Guests will appreciate the ease of the resort’s complimentary shuttle service to the pristine Grand Anse Beach and the idyllic BBC Beach in Morne Rouge. Designed with care and a deep appreciation for Grenadian culture, the resort boasts amenities typically reserved for grander establishments, such as four inviting pools, a spa for total relaxation, a boutique brimming with local crafts, a fresh bakery, and an escape room game for added excitement. True Blue Bay’s vibrant heart beats strongest at the Dodgy Dock Restaurant & Lounge Bar, offering delightful culinary experiences daily, while the House of Chocolate Bakery and the Poolside Bar ‘Rum Shop’ provide tasty treats and refreshing drinks. Perfect for families, couples, and solo adventurers, the resort’s facilities also extend to a fitness centre and gym, ensuring your wellness needs are met. True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is not just a destination, but a heartfelt experience that lingers long after the sand has been washed from your feet.

Eating & Drinking at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort offers an inviting culinary experience that caters to every palate, making it a standout on Grenada’s south coast. As a family-run gem, True Blue Bay seamlessly blends authentic Caribbean hospitality with resort luxuries, providing guests with an array of delectable dining options that are both unique and memorable. Holidaymakers can savour sumptuous fare at the on-site Dodgy Dock Restaurant & Lounge Bar, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and exquisite local and international cuisine, or unwind with handcrafted cocktails at the Poolside Bar ‘Rum Shop’. The fresh pastries from The House of Chocolate Bakery promise a delightful start to any day. Beyond the resort, the local eateries and restaurants present a treasure trove of gastronomic delights, reflecting Grenada’s diverse culinary heritage. From ocean-fresh seafood to rich, spiced stews, the island’s dining spots are a feast for the senses. With warm, personalised service and exceptional flavours at every turn, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort and the local food scene offer an unparalleled culinary exploration that will enchant every visitor.

Staying at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort offers an immersive and delightfully unique experience that you’ll rarely find elsewhere. Nestled on the idyllic south coast bay, this family-run haven exudes an authentic warmth and charm that larger chain hotels simply can’t replicate. Every detail, from the kid-friendly playground to the engaging local rum and chocolate tasting sessions, has been thoughtfully curated by the Fielden family themselves. The complimentary Hobie cats, ocean kayaks, and yoga classes make for a diverse array of activities that cater to all tastes. Beyond the resort’s grounds, a complimentary shuttle service whisks you away to the pristine sands of Grand Anse Beach and BBC Beach in Morne Rouge, where further adventure awaits. Within the resort, Caribbean touches and modern amenities blend seamlessly, featuring four sparkling pools, a rejuvenating spa, a fresh bakery, and the daring escape room game to challenge your wits. With a PADI-certified dive centre ready to plunge you into the depths of exploration, Dodgy Dock Restaurant & Lounge Bar serving culinary delights, and the inviting Rum Shop open for a refreshing drink, there’s no shortage of ways to relax, explore, and savour the vibrant culture of Grenada.

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort captures the enchanting essence of a family-run paradise on Grenada’s south coast, offering an experience steeped in authentic Caribbean charm. Among its standout features are the stunning swimming pools, each meticulously crafted to provide both relaxation and entertainment, making them the heart of the resort. Immerse yourself in the warm, inviting waters while basking in the serenity of lush, tropical surroundings. These pools cater to every desire, from serene dips in beautifully designed infinity pools to more dynamic environments suited for family fun. Complemented by attentive service and the personal touches the Fielden family has woven throughout the resort, these aquatic havens ensure an unforgettable stay. Whether you’re practicing morning yoga by the poolside, sipping a refreshing cocktail from the Poolside Bar ‘Rum Shop’, or enjoying the splendour of the sunset reflected in the crystal clear waters, the swimming pools at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort are a quintessential element of this enchanting retreat.

Staying at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is more than just a holiday; it’s an immersive Caribbean experience that blends comfort and culture seamlessly. Nestled on the picturesque south coast bay, this family-run gem offers an array of accommodation options that cater to every traveller’s whim. Whether you’re a family seeking fun with kiddos enjoying the playground and engaging activities, or a couple craving romantic escapes with sunset Rum Tastings and private nooks, this resort has it all. Unique, warmly decorated rooms echo the island’s vibrant spirit, creating a home-away-from-home feel that’s enhanced by the thoughtful extras often overlooked by larger establishments. Meander through the resort’s lush landscapes to discover four immaculate pools, each offering its own slice of paradise, or indulge in restorative treatments at the holistic spa. Adventure is just steps away with complimentary Hobie cats and ocean kayaks, perfect for exploring the azure waters, while the on-site PADI-certified dive centre beckons for deeper underwater discoveries. Savour delectable treats at The House of Chocolate Bakery, enjoy lively evenings at the Dodgy Dock Restaurant & Lounge Bar, and relax with a cocktail at the Poolside Bar ‘Rum Shop’. For beach enthusiasts, the resort’s shuttle service whisks guests to the pristine sands of Grand Anse and BBC Beach, ensuring every moment is a getaway wrapped in the essence of Grenadian hospitality and charm.

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is just a 10-minute drive from Maurice Bishop International Airport, making it a convenient retreat for travellers seeking a seamless transition from flight to relaxation. This family-run gem on Grenada’s south coast doesn’t just offer proximity to the airport, but a unique and warm welcome that larger hotels might overlook. The Fielden family has imbued the resort with Caribbean charm, from the vibrant décor to thoughtful amenities like a kids’ playground, rum and chocolate tastings, and free access to Hobie cats and ocean kayaks. With four inviting pools, a spa, and a PADI-certified dive centre, guests are pampered with luxury touches throughout their stay. Moreover, the resort’s complimentary shuttle to Grand Anse Beach and Morne Rouge’s BBC Beach ensures exploring the pristine coastline is easy and enjoyable. True Blue Bay Boutique Resort effortlessly combines convenience with authentic, heartfelt hospitality, making it an ideal destination for a memorable Caribbean escape.

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