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When it comes to basking in the vibrant energy of Austin, tommie Austin offers an unparalleled retreat that perfectly matches the city’s cool, eclectic vibe. Nestled centrally, this destination seamlessly blends effortless style with a sociable atmosphere, ensuring you’re always at the heart of the action. Experience the understated elegance of its rooms and indulge in the dynamic shared spaces that promise never-ending entertainment. With the chic Thompson Austin just next door, guests have double the amenities at their fingertips, including the fabulous Wax Myrtle’s Club and Pool, where sipping signature cocktails on a daybed becomes a daily ritual. Whether you’re starting your day with a brew from The Coffee Bar, savouring local delights at Wax Myrtle’s Hide-A-Way, or grabbing a quick bite from The Grey Market, tommie Austin guarantees a uniquely enchanting stay that captures the true spirit of this remarkable city.

Holidays to tommie Austin

Nestled in the heart of Texas’ vibrant capital, tommie Austin captures the essence of this energetic city with its blend of modern sophistication and laid-back charm. Holidaymakers seeking an immersive Austin experience will find tommie Austin to be the perfect retreat. With its understated rooms and inviting social spaces, the hotel provides a welcoming sanctuary amidst the city’s buzzing scene. Its prime location ensures that you’re never far from the action, whether you’re exploring downtown Austin’s eclectic culture or enjoying the city’s renowned live music. The fun doesn’t stop at tommie Austin; the adjacent Thompson Austin offers shared amenities like Wax Myrtle’s Club and Pool, where you can lounge on a daybed sipping a signature cocktail, making it a double dose of delight. Guests can savour a range of culinary delights from the Coffee Bar’s artisanal brews to seasonal dishes at Wax Myrtle’s Hide-A-Way, all contributing to a vibrant in-house dining scene. tommie Austin undeniably offers a comprehensive, engaging holiday experience that perfectly aligns with the spirited allure of Austin.

Eating & Drinking at tommie Austin

Discover an unparalleled dining experience at tommie Austin, where culinary mastery meets stylish ambiance. Nestled in the heart of Austin, this boutique gem offers a medley of in-house and local dining options, perfect for the discerning holidaymaker. Sip on expertly crafted coffee or indulge in local craft beers at The Coffee Bar, open from the crack of dawn to late at night. As dusk falls, The Diner Bar comes alive, featuring an array of delectable dishes sure to tantalise your taste buds. For those seeking an exquisite yet relaxed dining venue, Wax Myrtle’s Hide-A-Way, located on the fourth floor, offers a seasonal menu paired with imaginative cocktails, all in a chic setting. Beyond the walls of tommie Austin, Austin’s vibrant food scene beckons. Expect a delightful spectrum of eateries and restaurants, from trendy bistros and gourmet food trucks to high-end dining establishments. The city’s culinary landscape is a celebration of innovation and tradition, promising unforgettable gastronomic adventures at every turn. Whether you’re stretching out on a sunlit daybed at Wax Myrtle’s Club and Pool with a signature cocktail in hand, or exploring the city’s eclectic food offerings, tommie Austin ensures your stay in Austin is one marked by exceptional taste.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Austin, tommie Austin offers a uniquely captivating experience for travellers seeking the pulse of this eclectic city. This boutique haven boasts chic, understated rooms and social spaces, creating an inviting atmosphere that perfectly complements the city’s dynamic vibe. When it comes to entertainment, guests can enjoy a seamless blend of relaxation and excitement. Unwind at Wax Myrtle’s Club and Pool, where lounging on a daybed with a signature cocktail becomes a luxurious daily ritual. The Coffee Bar hums with energy from dawn till dusk, serving an array of local craft beers and wines that invite conviviality. For those who crave indulgence with a side of authenticity, the Diner Bar provides a culinary journey through Austin’s ever-evolving food scene. Just next door, the sister hotel Thompson Austin extends the range of shared amenities, amplifying the overall experience. Beyond the hotel doors, Austin’s cultural tapestry unfurls; from live music venues to bustling local markets, every corner of the city is a new adventure waiting to be discovered. At tommie Austin, the line between accommodation and unforgettable experience ceases to exist, ensuring that every moment of your stay leaves an indelible mark on your heart.

Nestled in the heart of Austin, tommie Austin offers guests a seamless blend of comfort and contemporary chic in a city revered for its vibrant culture and spirited nightlife. Integral to this urban oasis is the captivating allure of its shared swimming pools, found within the adjacent Thompson Austin’s Wax Myrtle’s Club. Here, the day unfolds in luxury as visitors stretch out on plush daybeds, signature cocktails in hand, amid an ambiance that marries modern sophistication with casual charm. The pools are more than just a place to take a dip – they embody an experience. Surrounded by stylish social spaces and complemented by an array of amenities, including access to local craft beers and seasonal culinary delights at Wax Myrtle’s Hide-A-Way, the aquatic facilities at tommie Austin promise both relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether it’s a sun-drenched afternoon or a twilight swim under the stars, the pools at tommie Austin epitomise the perfect escape within an already dynamic city setting.

When you’re staying in a city as vibrant and eclectic as Austin, you’ll want your accommodation to match the energy and charm of the locale. tommie Austin offers an array of understated yet stylish rooms and inviting social spaces, ensuring a fulfilling and comfortable stay that doesn’t overshadow the city’s unique allure. Nestled centrally, this gem ensures you’re always in the midst of the action. What’s more, tommie Austin shares its grounds with its sister hotel, Thompson Austin, providing guests double the fun and access to a wider variety of amenities and entertainment. Whether you’re lounging on a daybed with a signature cocktail at Wax Myrtle’s Club and Pool or grabbing a tasty to-go snack from The Grey Market, there’s something to suit every mood. The Coffee Bar at tommi, buzzing from 6am to 10pm, keeps you fueled with artisanal coffee, fine wine, and local craft beers, while The Diner Bar offers culinary delights from late afternoon to dinner time. For those preferring a more intimate dining experience, in-room dining and takeaway options are readily available. Complete your stay with a workout at the fitness centre or unwind by the serene swimming pool, all amidst an ambiance that perfectly mirrors Austin’s spirited essence.

When planning your stay in the vibrant city of Austin, tommie Austin – Array is the place where convenience meets cool. Located less than 20 minutes from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, this chic hotel offers seamless transfer options whether you’re arriving by taxi, rideshare, or airport shuttle. Perfectly blending comfort and style, tommie Austin serves as an ideal base to explore the city, with spacious rooms, lively social spaces, and a central location ensuring you won’t miss a beat of Austin’s dynamic scene. Partnering with its sister hotel, Thompson Austin, guests have access to enhanced amenities and shared entertainment delights, including the lively Wax Myrtle’s Club and Pool—a perfect refuge with daybeds and signature cocktails. Enjoy the culinary offerings from the Coffee Bar, which serves high-quality coffee, wine, and local craft beers, or savour locally-produced seasonal fare at Wax Myrtle’s Hide-A-Way. With all these features, tommie Austin ensures your stay is not just convenient, but also an unforgettable part of your Austin adventure.

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