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Dream Hollywood

Dream Hollywood, swiftly emerging as one of the trendiest spots in the heart of Hollywood, offers an eclectic and sumptuous haven for holidaymakers. With a flair for the dramatic, this chic and playful hotel mirrors the vibrant pulse of the city it calls home. Its pristine dove-white lobby and gadget-laden guest rooms exude an effortlessly stylish vibe, promising an unforgettable stay. Under the expert direction of the TAO Group, the dining experiences at Dream Hollywood are nothing short of spectacular. From the evocative ambiance of TAO Asian Bistro to the nostalgic charm of Beauty & Essex, each venue transports guests to different corners of the world. The Highlight Room, an iconic rooftop lounge, steals the show with its contemporary Californian dishes, sparkling cocktails, and an impressive rooftop pool, all framed by breathtaking views of the Hollywood sign. With an array of luxury amenities, including custom bicycle rentals, a 24-hour fitness centre, and the opulence of in-room iPads and oversized windows boasting views of the Hollywood Hills, Dream Hollywood sets the stage for a star-studded holiday experience.

Holidays to Dream Hollywood

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Hollywood, Dream Hollywood is swiftly becoming the epitome of chic sophistication, drawing holidaymakers with its bold distinction and playful elegance. This isn’t just a hotel; it’s a lifestyle experience that mirrors the glamour of its surroundings. Upon entering, guests are greeted by the immaculate dove-white lobby, setting the stage for an indulgent stay. Each gadget-infused guest room is a testament to modern luxury, boasting features like oversized windows that frame breathtaking views of the Hollywood Hills and Griffith Observatory. Culinary adventures await at the hotel’s eclectic dining venues, from the Far Eastern allure of TAO Asian Bistro to the sunlit flavours of Luchini Pizzeria & Bar. And for those seeking a touch of old Hollywood charm, Beauty & Essex offers a multi-ethnic dining experience that is simply unforgettable. However, the crowning jewel is The Highlight Room, a rooftop haven featuring a contemporary Californian menu, handcrafted cocktails, a swanky pool, private cabanas, and panoramic views stretching to the iconic Hollywood sign. With amenities like a 24-hour fitness centre, custom bicycles for exploration, and on-demand beauty services, Dream Hollywood ensures that guests bask in both luxury and convenience. Whether you’re soaking up the sun in a poolside lounger or exploring the city with the complimentary car service, Dream Hollywood offers a star-studded retreat that’s as glamorous and captivating as Hollywood itself.

Eating & Drinking at Dream Hollywood

Dream Hollywood is the toast of Tinseltown, seamlessly blending chic sophistication with playful exuberance. This hip enclave stands out, not least for its dazzling culinary experiences curated by the TAO Group. Whether you’re dining under the stars at The Highlight Room, with its arresting views of the Hollywood sign and sizzling contemporary Californian dishes, or immersing yourself in the theatrical ambiance of TAO Asian Bistro, every meal here is an event. Luchini Pizzeria & Bar transports your tastebuds to the sun-drenched shores of Sicily, while Beauty & Essex channels the allure of old Hollywood glamour with a multi-ethnic menu that’s nothing short of spectacular. Beyond the hotel’s illustrious culinary adventures, Hollywood’s local eateries offer holidaymakers a tantalising array of flavours and atmospheres. From trendy gourmet food trucks to luxurious fine dining establishments, the gastronomic landscape is as diverse and eclectic as the city itself. Whether you’re indulging in innovative fusion cuisine, savouring classic American comfort food, or exploring vibrant ethnic eateries, Hollywood promises an unforgettable dining odyssey – one that’s intrinsically tied to its identity as a world-renowned cultural and entertainment hub. With Dream Hollywood as your stylish launching pad, you’re perfectly poised to explore the epicurean delights that make this city shine.

Daring to be different, Dream Hollywood is swiftly becoming one of the hippest hotels in Los Angeles. Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, this chic and playful haven offers an experience as glitzy as the city it calls home. Take in the stunning views across the Hollywood skyline from The Highlight Room, an opulent rooftop sanctuary complete with a swanky pool, private cabanas, and artisanal cocktails. For those seeking global culinary delights, the TAO Group delivers an adventurous dining escapade from the dramatic flavours of TAO Asian Bistro to the sun-kissed offerings of Luchini Pizzeria & Bar and the vintage glamour of Beauty & Essex. For leisure or fitness, guests can dip into the stylish rooftop pool, pedal through the vibrant streets on custom bicycles, or rejuvenate in the 24-hour fitness centre. The adventure extends beyond the hotel’s white-dove walls, inviting visitors to explore the energetic pulse of Hollywood’s city centre, brimming with its eclectic mix of culture, shopping, and nightlife. With its gadget-stuffed guest rooms offering unparalleled comforts and sweeping views of the Hollywood Hills and Griffith Observatory, Dream Hollywood promises an unforgettable red carpet experience.

Dive into the allure of Dream Hollywood’s swimming pools, where luxury and relaxation blend seamlessly amid the glamour of Hollywood. At the heart of this hip hotel lies The Highlight Room, a swanky rooftop oasis that commands breathtaking views of the iconic Hollywood sign. The experience here is curated to perfection; the pool area is enveloped in a chic ambiance with perfectly padded loungers and private cabanas that promise a sanctuary of comfort. Guests can indulge in handcrafted cocktails as they bask in the Californian sun or take a dip in the refreshing waters, all while enjoying the contemporary vibes of this rooftop paradise. Dream Hollywood’s commitment to opulence and style is evident in every corner, making its rooftop pool a must-visit retreat for trendsetters and relaxation seekers alike.

Daring to be different, Dream Hollywood is fast becoming recognised as one of the hippest accommodation options in Hollywood. This chic and playful hotel mirrors the vibrant spirit of its surroundings, setting the stage for a memorable stay. From the dove-white elegance of its lobby to the gadget-filled guest rooms, every detail at Dream Hollywood is meticulously designed for comfort and style. The hotel boasts an array of dining experiences, crafted by the TAO Group, ranging from the dramatic flair of TAO Asian Bistro to the classic charm of Luchini Pizzeria & Bar, and the enchanting allure of Beauty & Essex. However, it’s The Highlight Room that truly steals the show with its rooftop splendour—think contemporary Californian cuisine, handcrafted cocktails, a luxurious pool with plush loungers and private cabanas, all framed by breathtaking views of the Hollywood sign. Whether you’re looking to unwind with custom bicycles for rent, enjoy a session at the 24-hour fitness centre, or indulge in the on-demand hair and make-up service, Dream Hollywood has every amenity covered. In your room, enjoy a 55″ smart TV, complimentary WiFi, and views that stretch to the Hollywood Hills and Griffith Observatory, ensuring your stay is as dazzling as the city itself.

Dream Hollywood, a hip and chic hotel nestled in the heart of Hollywood, offers not only style and sophistication but also remarkable convenience for travellers. Located approximately 19 miles from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), the journey to Dream Hollywood typically takes around 35 to 50 minutes by car, depending on traffic conditions. This proximity makes it perfectly situated for those yearning to embrace the vibrant energy of Hollywood without the stress of lengthy transfers. Boasting a spectacular rooftop pool at The Highlight Room, and exceptional dining venues like TAO Asian Bistro and Beauty & Essex, Dream Hollywood promises a stay that’s as glamorous as it is comfortable. With complimentary WiFi, a 24-hour fitness centre, and custom bicycles available for rent, it’s easy to see why Dream Hollywood is fast becoming a beacon of modern luxury in Los Angeles.

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