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Florida Holidays


Florida, with its sun-drenched coasts, vibrant culture, and enchanting natural beauty, is an irresistible magnet for holidaymakers seeking the ultimate escape. Renowned for its year-round warmth and welcoming atmosphere, the Sunshine State captivates visitors with an alluring blend of relaxation and adventure. From these picturesque landscapes to pulsating urban centres, Florida offers an unrivalled tapestry of experiences that cater to every traveller’s whim. Whether basking on its golden sandy shores or discovering its rich mosaic of history and modern attractions, this alluring paradise crafts unforgettable memories at every turn, making it a top-tier destination for globetrotters worldwide.

Resorts in Florida

Explore a diverse range of accommodation options in Florida tailored to suit both lux-seekers and budget travellers, making it a hot spot for nightlife aficionados and family vacationers alike. From opulent beachfront resorts offering world-class amenities and stunning ocean views, to budget-friendly hotels providing cosy and affordable comfort, Florida has something for everyone. Luxurious properties boast exquisite dining experiences, vibrant nightlife scenes, and rejuvenating spas, ensuring a memorable stay for those looking to indulge. Meanwhile, affordable yet charming lodgings feature convenient locations near family-friendly attractions, pristine beaches, and exciting outdoor activities, ensuring every journey through the Sunshine State can be both thrilling and relaxing. Whether you're planning a sun-soaked getaway in Miami's sizzling cityscape or a tranquil retreat along the Gulf Coast, Florida promises a diverse array of accommodations to meet every traveller's needs.

Florida Family Holidays

Florida offers an abundance of family-friendly experiences that promise to create delightful memories for visitors of all ages. Renowned for its world-class theme parks, such as Walt Disney World in Orlando, where children can meet their favourite characters and experience magical rides, and Universal Studios, perfect for older kids and teenagers with its thrilling attractions. Beyond the parks, Florida’s beautiful beaches, like Clearwater Beach and Siesta Key, provide endless opportunities for sandcastle building and water sports. For a taste of adventure, families can explore the rich biodiversity of the Everglades while on an airboat tour, or visit the Kennedy Space Center to inspire future astronauts. Kid-friendly museums such as the Orlando Science Centre offer interactive exhibits that educate and entertain. Additionally, dining options abound with restaurants offering child-friendly menus, like T-Rex Cafe in Disney Springs where the prehistoric-themed décor and animatronic dinosaurs fascinate young diners. Florida’s unique blend of attractions, activities, and family-oriented dining ensures it remains a top-notch destination for a memorable family vacation.

Florida Waterpark Holidays

Immerse yourself in the exhilarating water-based fun that Florida proudly offers, with its world-renowned waterparks and vibrant water activities guaranteed to create unforgettable memories. Dive into the thrilling realms of Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, where you can brave towering waterslides, relax in lazy rivers, or surf the perfect wave in colossal wave pools. Universal’s Volcano Bay takes you on an adventure with its Krakatau Aqua Coaster and Punga Racers, while Legoland Florida’s water park delights families with its interactive play areas and Lego-themed build-a-raft river. For a touch of aquatic adventure, Florida’s crystal-clear springs and expansive coastlines invite you to snorkel, kayak, or paddleboard, with spots like Silver Springs offering glass-bottom boat tours for a unique underwater view. Safety measures are front and centre, with vigilant lifeguards, lifejacket provisions, and clear instructional signage ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone. Whether you seek the adrenaline rush of water slides or the serene joy of floating through pristine waters, Florida is the ultimate destination for water-based fun.

Florida All Inclusive Holidays

Booking an all-inclusive package in Florida offers an array of advantages, ensuring a hassle-free and luxurious experience. These packages typically include accommodation at top resorts, all meals and drinks, access to entertainment, and various on-site activities, allowing holidaymakers to enjoy their stay without constantly reaching for their wallet. Renowned resorts like Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa and the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando, or the Biltmore Hotel in Miami, epitomise luxury and convenience, often featuring gourmet dining options, state-of-the-art fitness centres, sprawling swimming pools, and dedicated children’s programmes. From the vibrant nightlife and cultural attractions of Miami to the theme park magic of Orlando, these all-inclusive packages cater to all types of travellers, offering something for everyone, whether you’re looking to unwind or dive into adventures. Perfect for families, couples, and solo travellers alike, the inclusive nature of these deals in the Sunshine State means you can fully immerse yourself in the sunny beaches, thrilling theme parks, and unparalleled hospitality that Florida is famous for, while efficiently managing your travel budget. This comprehensive approach ensures that guests can focus on making unforgettable memories without the stress of planning every detail.

Florida Luxury Holidays

Florida, the Sunshine State, has long been synonymous with opulence and refinement, where discerning travellers seek out the creme de la creme of luxurious experiences. From its pristine sandy beaches to sun-soaked cities, Florida offers a tapestry of indulgence that promises to leave even the most jaded connoisseur sighing in contentment. At the heart of Florida’s extravagant allure are its exclusive resorts. Nestled along the scenic coastlines and verdant landscapes, these serene sanctuaries provide an unparalleled escape from the mundane. Offering more than mere accommodation, these havens of grandeur cater to those who demand the finest. With their architecturally stunning properties, world-class amenities, and personalised service, these resorts are where luxury and tranquillity seamlessly intertwine. Gourmet dining in Florida is another facet of its lavish charm. Across the state, culinary masters craft gastronomic masterpieces, inviting patrons on an edible odyssey that tantalises the senses. Each dish, a blend of art and flavour, is presented with an elegance that befits royalty. Unique, locally-sourced ingredients elevate the dining experience, while the ambience of these elite establishments exudes sophistication. Whether it’s a beachfront setting with the whisper of waves or an intimate, candlelit setting with breathtaking views, every meal is a symphony of taste. Complementing these sumptuous stays and culinary adventures are Florida’s premium services. Picture a world where personal concierges attend to your every whim, expert spa therapists rejuvenate your spirit, and private tours reveal exotic locales with exclusivity and ease. Luxury transportation, from sleek yachts to polished limousines, ensures that your journey is as delightful as the destination. Florida stands as a beacon of refined indulgence. Here, luxury isn’t just about staying in exquisite places or dining on gourmet cuisine; it’s an all-encompassing lifestyle. The blend of distinguished service, scenic beauty, and attention to detail makes Florida a quintessential destination for those who seek an experience that transcends the ordinary into the realm of the extraordinary.

Florida Adult Only Holidays

Florida’s adult-only resorts and accommodations have surged in popularity, offering a serene escape tailored for those seeking an exclusive, child-free environment. Couples and groups looking to unwind in tranquility will find an inviting atmosphere replete with luxurious amenities. These resorts often boast world-class spas, where guests can indulge in rejuvenating treatments, as well as quiet, immaculate pools perfect for a peaceful swim or lounging undisturbed. Fine dining takes centre stage, with gourmet restaurants serving exquisite cuisine that caters to the most discerning palates. The vibrant nightlife, featuring chic bars and live entertainment, provides the perfect backdrop for evenings of relaxation or lively celebration. With an emphasis on high-end service and a focus on adult-centric activities, Florida’s adult-only resorts ensure an unforgettable holiday experience dedicated to sophisticated relaxation and leisure.

Florida Villa Holidays

Choosing villa rentals in Florida for your next holiday offers a plethora of unrivalled advantages that make for an unforgettable experience. Foremost among these is the sheer privacy they afford, creating a sanctuary of tranquillity far removed from the bustling crowds of standard hotel accommodations. With an expanse of space at your disposal, each member of your travelling party can enjoy a retreat tailored to their comfort, whether it be expansive bedrooms, cosy living areas, or fully-equipped kitchens for homely meals. The amenities that accompany Florida villas are nothing short of spectacular; imagine stepping out of your door to a private swimming pool where you can splash and relax at your leisure, or strolling a few steps for direct access to sun-kissed beaches where the ocean waves serenade you. These rentals often come with additional luxuries such as hot tubs, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, and outdoor dining areas, thus ensuring that every moment of your stay is drenched in comfort and indulgence. Thus, opting for a villa in Florida not only elevates the quality of your holiday but also provides a bespoke experience catering to your every whim and need.

Florida Golf Holidays

Florida is a golfer’s paradise, renowned for its sun-drenched fairways and world-class golfing opportunities. The state is home to some of the most celebrated golf courses in the United States, making it a top destination for enthusiasts of the sport. The iconic TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, with its famously challenging island green on the 17th hole, offers a fun yet rigorous examination for players amidst picturesque surroundings. Down in Miami, the Trump National Doral features the Blue Monster course, famed for its long stretches of pristine greens and strategic water hazards. Not far from the coast, the Streamsong Resort offers three acclaimed courses—Red, Blue, and Black—each designed by legendary course architects and boasting dramatic sand dunes and lush Florida landscapes that truly captivate. Additionally, the Arnold Palmer-designed Bay Hill Club & Lodge in Orlando hosts the annual Arnold Palmer Invitational, providing not only a storied golfing experience but also luxurious amenities for a complete getaway. These top-tier courses, marked by their stunning scenery and premier facilities, solidify Florida’s reputation as a mecca for golfers seeking both challenge and beauty in their golfing journeys.

Cheap holidays to Florida

For UK holidaymakers seeking to enjoy Florida on a budget, timing and planning become your best allies. Opting for travel during the shoulder seasons, namely spring (March to May) or autumn (September to early November), can yield significant savings on flights and accommodations. Swap pricey hotels for wallet-friendly options like motels, hostels, or even budget chains such as Motel 6 or Travelodge, ensuring comfort without breaking the bank. Attractions don’t always require a hefty entrance fee; explore Florida’s stunning natural beauty with a visit to the Everglades National Park or the sun-soaked beaches along the Gulf Coast, many of which are free to enter. For dining, embrace the local cuisine without the tourist price tag by seeking out food trucks or local diners, which offer delicious meals at a fraction of the cost of high-end restaurants. Sites like TripAdvisor can help steer you towards budget-friendly dining hotspots. With thoughtful planning and insider knowledge, a Florida getaway on a budget is entirely within reach for UK travellers.

Where to stay in Florida

Explore a diverse range of accommodation options in Florida tailored to suit both lux-seekers and budget travellers, making it a hot spot for nightlife aficionados and family vacationers alike. From opulent beachfront resorts offering world-class amenities and stunning ocean views, to budget-friendly hotels providing cosy and affordable comfort, Florida has something for everyone. Luxurious properties boast exquisite dining experiences, vibrant nightlife scenes, and rejuvenating spas, ensuring a memorable stay for those looking to indulge. Meanwhile, affordable yet charming lodgings feature convenient locations near family-friendly attractions, pristine beaches, and exciting outdoor activities, ensuring every journey through the Sunshine State can be both thrilling and relaxing. Whether you’re planning a sun-soaked getaway in Miami’s sizzling cityscape or a tranquil retreat along the Gulf Coast, Florida promises a diverse array of accommodations to meet every traveller’s needs.

Florida FAQs

Why visit Florida?

Florida stands as an unparalleled vacation destination, brimming with endless sunshine, pristine beaches, and a rich tapestry of cultural experiences, making it perfect for family holidays. Its year-round warm climate invites visitors to revel in outdoor adventures, from serene coastal escapades to thrilling theme park days that cater to all ages. Beyond its natural splendour, Florida pulsates with vibrant nightlife scenes and a diverse array of cultural events, ensuring that every evening is as spectacular as the day. The state seamlessly blends its historical charm with modern entertainment, offering family-friendly activities that range from educational museum tours to mesmerising live performances, making every moment spent here unforgettable. Indeed, the Sunshine State guarantees a unique and captivating experience for everyone, urging families to explore, relax, and create cherished memories together.

For UK holidaymakers dreaming of an unforgettable adventure in Florida, the journey begins with finding the best travel options. Flights from major UK airports such as London Heathrow, Manchester, and Edinburgh offer direct routes to key Floridian destinations including Orlando, Miami, and Tampa, making transatlantic travel both convenient and efficient. Opt for airlines renowned for their exceptional service and competitive fares, such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and American Airlines. Booking flights well in advance can also secure better deals, particularly during peak seasons when families flock to the Sunshine State for its world-famous theme parks and pristine beaches. Once aboard, make the most of pre-ordering special meals and checking in online to streamline your airport experience. Upon arrival in Florida, navigating through busy airports like Orlando International or Miami International can be seamless with a few handy tips: utilise digital immigration kiosks where available, and arrange transport in advance to avoid long taxi queues. Whether hiring a car or relying on ride-sharing apps, having a plan ensures a smooth transition from the airport to your holiday haven. Embrace these travel tips, and your Floridian escapade is sure to start on the right foot, leaving you more time to soak up the sun and explore everything this vibrant destination has to offer.

Florida boasts a vibrant dining scene that caters to a myriad of tastes and preferences, making it a culinary paradise for food enthusiasts. From high-end restaurants offering fine dining experiences with exquisite seafood dishes along the iconic Miami waterfront to quirky food trucks in Orlando serving up innovative street food, the state’s gastronomic landscape is as diverse as its residents. You can indulge in fresh, locally sourced delicacies that highlight Florida’s rich agricultural heritage, or opt for globally inspired flavours that have found a second home here. With an array of gluten-free, vegan, and keto-friendly options available across the state, it’s easy to meet any dietary need without compromising on flavour or quality. In Florida, every dining experience is a journey that tantalises your taste buds and leaves you yearning for more.

Florida, with its vibrant mosaic of cultures and traditions, offers UK holidaymakers an inviting and diverse holiday experience. The Sunshine State embraces a laid-back, yet dynamic lifestyle, deeply influenced by its Hispanic, African American, and Native American communities. English is widely spoken, but a significant Spanish-speaking population adds a melodic cadence to daily interactions, especially in cities like Miami. Visitors are welcomed with a warmth typical of Southern hospitality, where a handshake, a smile, or even a casual “How y’all doing?” effortlessly bridges cultural gaps. Dining customs here suggest savouring freshly caught seafood and trying popular foods such as key lime pie and Cuban sandwiches. Floridians appreciate punctuality for both social and business engagements, while beach etiquette emphasises respect for the environment and fellow beachgoers. Ensuring a pleasant conversation often involves discussing local sports, weather, or familial ties, as family values run deep in the local ethos. For UK travellers, embracing these nuances not only enhances their visit but fosters meaningful connections with Floridians, enriching the overall travel experience.

Exploring Florida as a tourist presents an exciting opportunity, where a little preparation can enhance your experience. Begin by addressing currency exchange, as not all establishments readily accept foreign currency; therefore, it would be prudent to exchange your money at a local bank or an authorised currency exchange outlet for the best rates, and avoid airport kiosks known for their higher fees. When it comes to getting around, Florida offers an array of transportation options tailored to your needs. While car hire is highly recommended for its convenience, especially for visits to locations like the Florida Keys or Orlando’s theme parks, make sure to familiarise yourself with local driving laws to ensure a smooth ride. Public transport, including buses and the Metrorail in Miami, provides an affordable and eco-friendly alternative, although it’s less flexible than having your own vehicle. Ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft are also widely available and offer a reliable mode of transport, particularly in urban areas. To maximise your time, consider planning your journeys during off-peak hours to avoid the bustling traffic that Florida’s cities are known for. By strategically handling these aspects of your trip, you can navigate through the Sunshine State with ease, ensuring a memorable and stress-free adventure.

Florida, the Sunshine State, offers a diverse array of experiences depending on the season, making it important to choose the best time for your visit based on weather, prices, and tourist traffic. Spring, spanning from March to May, brings warm temperatures and a burst of vibrant flora, making it ideal for those seeking comfortable weather without the oppressive summer heat. During this period, prices on accommodation and attractions remain reasonable, and tourist crowds are more manageable, allowing for a relaxed and enjoyable holiday. Summer, lasting from June to August, is synonymous with high temperatures and humidity but also offers a treasure trove of family-friendly events, extended daylight hours, and the thrilling prospect of water sports. However, be prepared for higher prices and bustling tourist spots as families flock to the beach and theme parks. Autumn, which runs from September to November, is a less crowded alternative with slightly cooler temperatures and stunning foliage in northern Florida, as well as plenty of local festivals celebrating the harvest season. The lowered tourist traffic during this time means more affordable travel and accommodation deals, making autumn a superb option for budget-conscious travellers. Finally, winter, from December to February, is characterised by mild, pleasant temperatures and offers a unique festive charm, especially in locales like Miami and Orlando, which feature spectacular holiday events and decorations. While this peak season draws considerable crowds and higher prices, the balmy weather is perfect for escaping the chill elsewhere. Each season in Florida has its own unique appeal, providing ample opportunities for a memorable visit no matter when you choose to go.

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